Furniture is an integral and important part of decoration; without decent furniture the space looks incomplete. It provides utmost comfort and an opportunity for hotel owners to express their style. By knowing its significance, people still do not realize and don’t know the techniques to maintain furniture and preserve its integrity. With easy tips you can increase your custom hospitality furniture life and maintain its look. If you avoid the cleaning practices then furniture quickly become stained, worn, and scratched. 

Thus, in this blog we share some useful tips to maintain furniture life and it helps to maintain its life for years to come. 

Tips to Maintain Furniture Life

Below we have mentioned useful tips that helps you to take care for the hospitality FF&E and make it last longer.

1. Avoid Direct Exposure from Sunlight

We all know that sun is not a good friend of furniture. However, the prolonged exposure to sunlight can damage the furniture. The UV rays of the sun will penetrate 70% of furniture via its plain glass in the window tend to fade, discoloration and damage to its surface and even upholstery to couches, chairs and beds. To protect them, you can place the furniture away from sunlight and use blinds and curtains to minimize sunlight exposure.

2. Use Furniture Cover

A furniture cover is a lifesaver as it provides protection to furniture in a way nothing else can. But this tip is not useful for daily use furniture. Use furniture covers for those who are in less use and which is unused. It helps in increasing the longevity. Furniture covers also helps in protecting furniture from dust and sun. It will create incredible amount of difference effects that sun have on furniture.

3. Be Gentle While Moving Furniture

Changing the place of furniture is a challenging task. Whether you are shifting in new room or rearranging with new one. Throwing furniture into the truck is not best approach. Rather than, it is crucial to take careful precautionary step while moving furniture and protect it from further damage. Other way to be careful while shifting furniture is to hire professional movers. They are equipped with necessary tools that move your belongings safely and does not cause any scratches. However, if you are moving by own then be gentle with furniture as it will be worthful in the end.

4. Keep Screws Tight and Secure

Screws and bolts in furniture start losing its griping with time. However, it will not pop out instantly but you can feel wobbling of furniture with crack noise. The failure to tighten the screws can lead to permanent damage. If you are doing it by yourself then may leave it loose thus, taking help of a hotel furniture manufacturer is best choice. Once in six months is okay to tight the screw or depends on the need.

5. Keep it Clean and Neat

The old furniture will not look as it appears. It is due to dirt and dust that fade its color and worn. However, one of the easy approaches to make furniture like new is to invest some time in cleaning and dusting. Also, clean with soft cotton cloth and avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaners. The store bough chemicals can do harm to furniture so, clean with damp cloth or just vacuuming.

6. Avoid Placing Hot Objects on Furniture

Usually, people take their furniture for granted. Like, put their feet, hot objects with coaster and allow pets to sit on it. If you genuinely want to improve its life then it is best to invest in quality furniture. That is why taking care of custom hospitality furniture will ensures that it will withstands the test of time and remains a beautiful addition. Moreover, one of the crucial things to keep in mind is to avoid placing hot object on furniture that can cause severe damage. The stain of coffee will quickly leave an unsightly mark and even create discoloration on furniture. Always use coaster to place hot objects on furniture. 


We hope this furniture tips are helpful for you. By following this tip, you can increase its useful life and make it longer than usual. In addition to that, if you are for wide variety of furniture pieces than reach out Sara Hospitality.  You can find beautiful and well - made furniture pieces. If you need any customize product then we also provide as we are leading hotel furniture manufacture in USA